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A serious need for skilled workers!

February marked the worst performance in the UK’s construction industry for 10 months and the worst performance since the rise in housebuilding in the UK in the summer of 2013.


Construction companies and other contractors are growing in concern that the industry is starting to slow up due to the difficulty to find skilled staff that can complete the job. This has started to restrict the activity of work in the last month because, as the amount for work increases there is less workers that can work on the building sites.

With the level of housebuilding increasing all over the UK, more and more workers are always needed to deal with this current housing crisis, however due to the lack of skilled workers the industry is seeing a dramatic decline in performance.

In 2015, more homes were built in the UK in any year since 2008 and it has been increasing year on year, however with a high demand for more homes, especially in the South East of England, it seems that the construction industry needs more workers to keep up with the increasing demand.

Some contractors may start to hesitate whether to commit to new housebuilding projects because they will be worried about having the right amount of workers to deal with the demand.

ryan Ryan is training to be part of the skilled workers.

However, this brings positives as it will create lots of jobs around the UK in the construction industry. Many people have been changing careers to start fresh in the industry and some people have managed to gain some work due to the added demand for good and affordable homes in the UK.

With the government hoping to add a quarter of a millions new workers in the industry over the next five years, this shows that the jobs are out there if you are willing to get the right training and put in the work.

A lot of the current construction work in the UK could be affected also if Britain leaves the EU as a large chunk of construction workers are from the EU and this will cut the shortage of workers even further from where they began.

Get training now and you will be able to start a fresh career in the construction industry with all the new housing projects being set up all over the UK to deal with the high demand for houses that are affordable and of a good quality.

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