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Able Skills Brighten the future for the Electrical Industry

Women in Electrical

Able Skills remain the dominant player in assisting trade growth and strengthening the UK’s economy back to where it once was. The dynamic and flexible courses on offer continue to feed an industry named as the ‘potent tool’ in contributing to high quality jobs and ensuring tradesmen secure bright futures.

So how fast are we talking? Research shows the electrical industry is set to grow by another 14% by 2020.To put that into perspective, this trade is growing faster than any other occupation in the UK. As construction projects launch all over the country with budgets set at hundreds of millions, they will provide employment for years to come.

The good news doesn’t end there. Choosing to learn and enhance your skills with the UK’s no. 1 course provider, allows you to not only

be part in such development, but the opportunity for higher paid jobs arises too! Adopting specialist skills and becoming a JIB Gold Card Approved Electrician can help you create the career many dream of.

More information on the qualification can be found on the Able Skills website:

Able Skills are proud to offer full time and part time options to ensure a flexible teaching experience.  With experienced and friendly staff, help is always welcome to ensure you reach your goals.

What more could you ask for?

Courses with Able Skills set students up to not only launch their career, but to run their own business on their own terms. Obtaining the JIB Gold Card Approved Electrician qualification makes way for the individual wanting to experience all areas of what being an electrician entails.

With the future looking bright for the industry, more and more people now seek to study at Able Skills.

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