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Britain needs new 'army' of 15,000 new bricklayers

The government is focused on reaching its target to build 300,000 new homes by the end of the year!


It has been estimated that the current volume of new builds is around 220,000 to envigorate this plan the government are pushing for a scheme that will see more on the job training, however, this type of training may fill the gap but will not result in new skilled workers. Proper training and teaching must be done to create a skilled and capable workforce.


Extreme demand for bricklayers in the UK housing market.


Learning at a training centre such as Able Skills will give you the right tools and practical experience to set yourself up to be a respected professional. Learning the trade at Able Skills means that you are taught by long-term professionals who have worked in the industry for years, the advice, tips and tricks you will learn from them are unmatched!

Don't have the time to train?


Our bricklaying courses are flexible and all, from Introduction to Bricklaying to a City & Guilds Bricklaying Course can be taken over a series of weekends! This is especially helpful to those who already have an existing job and can't find the time during the week to take on construction training.

Our full list of bricklaying courses: 


The course from this that you can enrol on dependant on your skill level and previous experience of bricklaying. For example, if you have already been working in the industry for a number of years but you're looking to gain a qualification then the NVQ For Experienced Bricklayers Course is for you.

Have you seen all the commotion around bricklaying? Been reading articles and seeing news explaining the shortage of skilled workers, the increase in wages and masses of opportunity. But you have little to no experience? Then we recommend either a City & Guilds Bricklaying Course or an Introduction to Bricklaying Course. If you are looking to get a taste of bricklaying then definitely choose the introduction first, otherwise, if you're seriously thinking of starting a career in the industry then it would be best to start working towards a basic bricklaying certificate via a City & Guilds Bricklaying Course.

Want some more information?


If you are interested in taking one of our bricklaying courses, then you have a few options, firstly you can call us at - 0808 100 3245 Secondly, you can apply through our website simply choose a course "reserve your space". Thirdly you can come into our office in Dartford.