Commercial or Domestic Electrician?



When looking to become an electrician it is good to have an idea of the work you would like to be doing, the setting you would like to work in and if you are planning on becoming a self-employed trader. There are many different roles an electrician can play, in multiple setting, however, today we'll be taking a look at the broader terms 'Commercial vs. Domestic'. 

What does it mean to be one or the other and which is best for you? At Able Skills, we teach a variety of different subjects that can gear you towards either of these working avenues. Our instructors are extremely knowledgeable about the subject. They have accumulated wisdom on the trade through their many years both working as electricians and teaching at our training centre!


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Electrician Training at Able Skills 


Obviously, if you become full qualifie you can, in fact, cover both commercial and domestic work meaning your scope of work is much greater, increase in earning opportunities and a change of pace when you prefer it. But if you are planning on just becoming a domestic installer - you can do that too!


Domestic Electrician?


A domestic electrician or domestic installer is often referred to as those who work within peoples homes. These are the most obvious electrician, working on call-outs, meaning self-employed, working for a company, or working independently for a landlord. This type of employment is usually on a self-employed basis or working within a small team from time to time. If you are a very social/personable person then this may be the route for you! The only problem with working as a domestic electrician is that it is a very competitive market - especially for those working for themselves, you will need to advertise, gain recognition and a reputation locally to guarantee yourself constant work. These days everybody has access to marketing tools such as social media to advertise their services so take advantage and try to get your name and face out in the area you are planning to live and work within...


Commercial Electrician?


Commercial electricians are responsible for installing and maintaining electrical systems in commercial buildings, office building and so on. If you plan to work on commercial sites, the chances are you’ll be asked for an ECS card. This can be achieved here at Able Skills by completing our Gold Card Approved Electrician Course. There are plenty of opportunities in the world of commercial electrics, jobs are abundant and it is a good job if you don't enjoy routine working on new sites all the time could be interesting and a break from the norm such as a domestic setting.


Something in common?


One thing that both commercial & domestic routes have in common is that you will need to become familiar with the 18th edition wiring regulations - everybody working with electrics must understand this book by law. Here at Able Skills, we offer a comprehensive, classroom-based course to help get you up to speed - 18th Edition courses!

The course is 3-days in total, during the three days you will learn how to use the 18th edition regulation book itself - taught completely in the classroom by our experienced instructors. They are experts in the field and understand everything there is to know on the subject- do not hesitate to ask them questions throughout the period, that is what they are here for! The assessment at the end of the course is 2-hours long and will see you complete an online assessment that is multiple choice.


More details:


If you require some more information about the electrical courses that we offer then take a minute to look through our website, otherwise you can give us a call on 0808 100 3245 to discuss electrical training.  We have a large range of courses if you are confused about which course is right for you then do not hesitate to make contact or even come into our office in person. We have an open policy, meaning that we welcome candidates to come into our office to gain advice, we'll show you around our facilities so you know the environment you will be training in and we will guide you n the best route to achieving your personal goals.