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We run a lot of different electrician courses for all different levels of experience. Whether you are looking to start a career in the trade or you are an experienced electrician looking to gain some more qualifications we have got you covered. We have everything from an an Introduction to Basic Domestic Electrics to 18th Edition courses and more advanced courses such as our Level 3 Award in Inspection and Testing. Our instructors are the best around, friendly, knowledgeable and experienced. - Today we will be taking a look at some feedback left by students who completed one of our many courses within the last month and how to get involved with training as an aspiring electrician!


Electrician courses

Electrician courses at Able Skills.


Feedback from students:


"Very impressed with the delivery of the course. Took a great modern approach to the course. I feel like I have progressed immensely and now I feel like I have a much greater understanding of the regulations. I know how to use them and how to apply them to general electrical work." - J Bitten (18th Edition)  


"Excellent! Alistair has communicated exactly how the BS7671 should be interpreted and used correctly, I have improved my knowledge vastly, really happy." - J Ayley (18th Edition)  


"Brian is great at delivering the information. He makes it look easy, even when people in the group were struggling he manages to get them through. Well done! 5 Stars." -C Hila (18th Edition)  


"Thought the way the course was presented was excellent, accurately learning the information was made easy by the instructors. I have progressed well and I now know how to use the regs rather than just learning how to pass the test." - B Bayram (18th Edition


"All the staff at Able Skills were helpful and friendly, which was great especially on my first morning when I didn't know where I was going! There was enough information to get me started with electrics and it gave me a bit of confidence at work. Definitely need experience on the job but a great kick start into the industry, and Clive was an excellent tutor on the course. Appreciated having a technician around during practical's too - John was always around to give a bit of advice. Really happy with what I learnt on the course!."- R Bradley (Introduction to Basic Domestic Electrics


"Having done several courses there now I have always found every teacher to be well informed and helpful. The course material and structure was easy to follow and guided me through what I needed to know. I would definitely recommend Able Skills! Having not done a great deal of testing I thought I would struggle with this but the way the course was structured built my confidence as I went."- B Buckingham (Level 3 Award in Inspection and Testing


"I enjoyed this introductory course. I found the trainer very approachable and the delivery of the subjects was excellent. The trainer used numerous real life examples and hands-on practice which reinforced the basic principles and made them impossible to forget."- V Selbach (Introduction to Basic Domestic Electrics


"Steve was very helpful and accommodating about me completing a practical assessment on the weekend instead of in the week as I don't live in the UK. Overall a great course!."- R Marshall (Level 2 Inspection and Testing



As you can see our students really enjoy the teaching methods of our instructors across our range of electrician courses. This is due to the level of experience that our instructors have, they are complete experts in the trade and now that they have been teaching for years they know how to pass on the knowledge they learnt from the years out in the industry. We are confident that upon completion of an all inclusive packages such as our Gold Card Approved Electrician Package or Domestic Electrical Part-P Package you can go on to start a successful career for yourself!


How do I get involved?


If you are looking to make the first steps towards a career in the trade then you have  choice in front of you. The choice is between the traditional domestic installer and becoming a fully qualified electrician. To become a traditional domestic electrician the best option is our Domestic Electrical Part-P Package - This course includes everything you need in preparation for a competent persons scheme and to begin working. If you are looking to work as an electrician outside of a domestic setting, on-site for example you should be looking at getting yourself a JIB 'Gold Card' accessible through completing our Gold Card Approved Electrician Package!


Courses included in the Part-P Package:



Courses included in the Gold Card Package:



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If you would like to gain some more information about our range of City & Guilds Electrician courses then you are welcome to give us a ring on 01322 280 202. If you would like to come in and speak to a member of staff in person you are welcome to do so, we are open all year round 7-days a week between the hours of 8:30 - 16:30! 


We also have accommodation available for those who live a considerable commute from Dartford, Kent. Accommodation is exclusively for students of ours and can be booked for the reasonable price of £20 per night! - If you would like to book accommodation for the duration of your course make sure to contact us ahead of your courses start date as spaces are limited! 


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