Now is the time for construction workers and potentially domestic installers to get involved with the house building expansion. 


If you’re already working in the industrial sector, as a construction worker or electrician, plumber and so on, then it’s time to change your place of work, there are new opportunities in the house-building world, try setting your site on this emerging sector.

In many towns and cities across the UK, not enough houses are being built to keep pace with the increase in population and as a result is pushing property prices higher, according to the analysis of official data.

To keep up with this demand many contracts have recently been taken up by companies for construction work.

Opportunities in the trade:

The UK government has entered into a partnership with one of Japan’s largest developers on a £90m house-building scheme, as it seeks to increase new housing supply to address this shortage of homes. Homes England, which is a government body, and Sekisui House have invested in a joint venture with the UK developer Urban Splash, which aims to deliver “thousands of new homes” these are modular construction housing and will require many experienced construction workers to fulfil this demand.

A typical house build will require an excavator, electrician, plumber & drainer, gasfitter, concreter, carpenter, bricklayer, waterproofer, plasterer, roofer, tiler, floor sander, painter and landscaper.

Courses we offer:

We at Able Skills have the trusted City & Guilds recognised courses to get you into this market, if you’re completely inexperienced and would like to begin a career in this sector then we can help you get there with our long- term courses. Also if you’re currently working let's say as an electrician on industrial sites and you are looking to gain a qualification in domestic installation there will be plenty of jobs available in the coming years. Meaning if you're already an electrician working on industrial sites then you're already in the house-building market but also due to the mass building of residential properties you could get into domestic installations and earn yourself an extra income down the line!

This is going to be extremely profitable for people of trade, including bricklayers who will see a massive increase in job opportunities and more due to this influx of demand.

We can get you started in a career of house-building, in whichever trade you desire, we are here to help if you want to take a course come into our office or for course advice and bookings:

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