Leaving School? Consider a career as an Electrician!


Young people around the UK on the 15th received their A-level results. Hoping to get into University, apprenticeships and other traditional forms of education. However, training in a trade can be a great, rewarding, profitable and versatile tool. Maybe you intend on a career in a trade such as Electrics or you are getting the skill as a means to fall back on...picking up a valuable skill like Electrical training is never a bad idea!


Electrician courses

Don't panic, A-Levels are over it's time to start earning money and starting a career.


Here at Able Skills, we offer Electrician courses that can take you from novice to expert. Our instructors are experienced, professional and friendly, we guarantee that you will leave our centre with knowledge skills and the confidence to take up Electrical jobs. See if it's for you with our short courses first, such as our Introduction to Basic Domestic Electrics Course.  This 10-day course is a real mix of practical and theory sessions. The practical aspects give you the opportunity to work in areas building various circuits, the theory sessions ensure that you understand why you are building these circuits and how to ensure safety.


Electrician courses

Electrical bays where students can have their own space to gain practical knowledge within.


Trades can be a great option for young adults, research by the Federation of Master Builders found that the average salary for electricians across the UK is £47,265; far exceeding the university graduate’s average income of £32,000! There is a misconception in learning a trade that there is nowhere to go, no progression but in fact, working as an electrician could lead you down the path of being able to work for yourself, meaning you are your own boss, no specific hours no more routine. Eventually, if you want to you could even start your own business and employ others. An Electricians work is never the same day-to-day there is always a new task at hand and a new problem to solve.

An electrician’s salary depends on the type of employment and experience. However, it is generally more than any other employees in the construction trade and is steadier as well. Either way, from the beginning the electrician salary is quite attractive and is most likely to rise over time with experience. Even if you do not work for an employer you would be earning more as a self-employed worker than other construction workers such as plumbers or carpenters.

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If you are looking to enrol onto one of our Electrician courses, then for online application, click on the course you are looking to take and select 'Reserve Your Space'. Alternatively, you can call our office at 80801003245 We are open every single day between the hours of 8:30 - 4:30! Perhaps you would prefer to come straight into our office and talk to our staff in person? Then do it, come straight down no appointment needed, we are located in Dartford, our office is in Unit number 5!

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