Here at Able Skills we have stopped offering Domestic Installer / Part-P Courses for some time now. The reason behind that decision was simply the fact that the process and requirements for registering with bodies such as NICEIC was becoming more and more complicated and confusing for candidates. Instead we now focus on helping our students become fully-qualified electricians as an electrical centre of excellence we want to be a centre that provides the right training for ANY electrician!

Electrician courses

What was the update?

Well, the NICEIC have updated their entry requirements. This move was a response to the EAS or Electrotechnical Assessment Specification update. As of September this year, new applicants will be required to meet new enhanced entry criteria, which no longer recognises ‘short course’ entry routes, including certificates of competence. They hope that this raises the skill level for the industry and improves the industry with higher standards.

In reality these schemes are just becoming more difficult for the same result. They often require 2-years of electrical installation experience. At the end of the day, Part-P courses and registration schemes don't make you an electrician and never did. After all the effort you will only be qualified to undertake electrical work in a domestic dwelling. Avoid the confusion and take the correct route. Become a fully-qualified electrician.

Additionally, new requirements means that existing NICEIC and ELECSA registrants are required to provide additional evidence relating to CPD, supervision of employed persons and Insurance levels during assessment visits. Again, these changes are a response to the EAS changes back in 2020. The Electrotechnical Assessment Specification sets out the minimum requirements to be met by enterprises in order to be recognized by Certification and Registration Bodies as technically competent to undertake Electrotechnical work.

Why become fully-qualified?

If you are serious about a new career why limit yourself?  Domestic Installers are limited to installing single phase in domestic dwellings. As a qualified electrician there are a vast amount of opportunities out there for you. Being fully-qualified means more opportunity to earn money, to expand and learn. Overall the fully-qualified route is the obvious choice as you will be trained in a much broader spectrum of work and will be able to take on more work.

How do I become fully-qualified?

Becoming a fully-qualified electrician is not easy, however, here at Able Skills we make the process as straightforward as possible from start to finish. We do this by putting all of the necessary electrical training courses into one complete package. Our  JIB Gold Card package includes the following electrical training courses and assessments...

The initial City & Guilds Accredited Level 2 Electrical Course will give you a foundation of knowledge to then build upon. You will learn through a mix of both hands-on training within our workshops and theory sessions in a classroom setting.

As you progress over the 16-weeks you will take on the necessary exams along the way. At the end you will be eligible for a JIB Gold card, hence the name. The card identifies you as a fully-qualified electrician allowing you to work on commercial properties, construction sites and many other projects.

Want to know more?

If you are interested in starting any of the Electrician courses talked about in this article give us a call on 01322 280 202 - We are more than happy to provide additional advice, answer any questions you may have and process your booking. You are also welcome to visit us in person, our office is open 7-days-a-week between 8:30 - 16:30!