Plumbing & Gas Combined Courses?


Yes! That's right here at Able Skills we run City & Guilds courses that cover the two subject in conjunction. We know how similar the two trades are and that it is more than likely that if you are working in one, eventually you will seek training in the other - so we have combined the two to save you money and time, but we still aim to give you quality and effective training in both!


Plumbing courses

Let's take a look at Able Skills' Plumbing & Gas combined courses


How does this work?


The City & Guilds Level 2 Plumbing & Gas Course course will see you first complete a plumbing qualification at Level 2 over a period of 5-weeks before moving on to a comprehensive 5 week Gas training course which is the starting point for a career as a Gas Engineer. We feel that this way is best as you will not become confused learning the two trades at the exact same time we separate them into two sections of training...

The Plumbing course will see you learn about the various requirements of domestic plumbing. Topics of learning range from health and safety, electrical principles and processes, scientific principles, common plumbing processes, cold water systems, domestic hot water systems, sanitation, central heating systems and drainage systems.

The Gas course will see you gain practical know-how and theoretical knowledge needed to progress towards assessments, covering a range of different subjects including; basic heating systems and heating controls, gas appliance functions and basic principles of flues and combustion - It will also provide you with a great insight into the Gas industry and present you with an understanding of the guidelines and regulations which currently govern the ACS scheme. An ACS will need to be completed in order to apply to become 'Gase Safe Registered which is a legal requirement in the UK.

To help your success on the plumbing course, we will provide you with a level 2 Plumbing reference book. To assist you throughout the gas training process, we will provide you with a comprehensive training manual and also a gas portfolio at the end!

Weekend training?


We try to be as flexible as possible at our training centre to give people with limited time the ability to learn and get qualified like everyone else. So yes this combined course can be taken over a long series of weekends instead of full-time! This will obviously take a considerably longer length of time but maybe the only option for some people with existing jobs, prior engagements, kids and so on - 15 weekends (over 30 weeks) for level 2 plumbing and 13 weekends (over 26 weeks) for gas training!


Contact Us:


If you would like to contact us about any of the Plumbing courses or Gas courses/weekend training or anything we offer then you have a few options; the fastest method of contact would be to call us during opening hours (8:30-16:30) on 08081003245! If you would prefer to speak to a member of staff in person then feel free to come down to our office we will show you around our facilities and answer any questions. We are based in Dartford just a short walk away from the train station.

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