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Plumbing students enjoy the new centre!

Today our new plumbing centre has opened to a new set of plumbing students who are raring to go and pick up some new skills. 

Over the past two months everyone has worked extremely hard to help develop the new plumbing centre and it looks fantastic. After all the hard work, the plumbing centre is now open and the new set of students are really enjoying their training in the brand new facilities.

Everyone that has contributed to the new centre has done a great job, this was also a great opportunity for NVQ students to complete some work experience by helping in particular areas of the new centre.

We had three different carpentry students that were dedicated to helping the new centre be the best it could be with their new skills. Also, NVQ electrical student, Lucas has played a huge part with the technical side of the new centre. He has been here every single day to help it be ready in time, along with keeping up with his studies at the weekends.

newcentre Our new plumbing students doing some soldering work in the new centre.

Our new students are the first to be trained in our new centre, however, they are not all strangers to Able Skills. We have a couple of students in our brand new plumbing centre this week that have completed more than just plumbing courses at Able Skills. Including Said who has done a course in nearly every trade possible. 

The new centre will now allow us to offer more first class training to more students. If you want to train as a plumber or just gain some basic plumbing skills, then come to Able Skills and experience our brand new plumbing centre!

Also, with the new electrical centre on its way, Able Skills are expanding to offer more great training to every student that books a course.

Contact us on 01322 280202 or come and visit the new centre today without an appointment and we will be more than happy to show you around.