Achieved your 2365 Level 2 and 3 Electrical Qualifications? Have you gained real life practical experience on site? It may be time for you to book your NVQ Level 3 Qualification. This is achieved through a work/site-based assessment, portfolio building and an AM2. Able Skills guide you through this route via an NVQ Assessor who will be available for advice throughout your time on the electrical qualification.electrical qualification

Students are reminded that this is essential when considering applying for your JIB Gold Card Status. This in turn offers you the chance to hold specialist skills and really increase your demand as an electrician. To anyone interested in progressing in such a way, must be made aware that in order to do so and achieve your NVQ, students are required to attend an initial profiling session with your Electrical NVQ Assessor.

We offer many construction training courses here at our Dartford based IET Centre of excellence. However, in this case, rather than a usual course being taught at the centre, Able Skills Assessors will analyse your work and gather documented evidence at your place of work. For once we let you show us how its done, really giving you the opportunity to showcase your skills regarding the different areas this qualification looks at.

electrical qualification

Students are assessed in the following 7 areas:

  • Health and safety – This is a theme that runs throughout the entirety of the course. Students must demonstrate they execute their work in a safe manor ensuring they abide by Health and Safety regulations
  • Environmental awareness. Students are required to understand how electrical work effects the environment with an emphasis on electrical installations
  • Site operation. Working on site often entails working alongside other professional tradesmen. This unit looks at working together for the best result
  • First Fix – Initial installation of wiring and containment systems
  • Second Fix – Connection of the above
  • The Inspection and Testing of electrical systems
  • Full Diagnosis – This looks at the testing techniques used to diagnose faults

Having read the above, one may ask themselves ‘how long do I have to demonstrate my work and achieve the NVQ Qualification?’ With it being City & Guilds accredited, they allow for a 3 year time period in which you need to provide evidence of different work you have carried out in order for your versatility and wide skill set to show and be documented. We recommend aspiring electricians to showcase both Industrial and commercial work as it is such platforms where more complex work can be done.

Should you have any further questions please call us on 0808 100 3245 or give us a visit! We operate 7 days a week between the hours of 8.30 and 4.30.