There is an endless list of varied reasons why a person might choose to begin learning a trade, each of them a completely unique story that is different from the last.

At Able Skills, we feel incredibly privileged to have the opportunity to play a small part in these personal journeys and we love hearing about what people go on to do after the time they spend training with us. 

From unlocking the next stage of career progression to being able to renovate your own home, read more about the stories of people who have completed their training with Able Skills. 

Switching careers

For those who have been considering a career change, introductory courses are a great way to get a taste of what working in a trade might be like, and whether it’s right for them.

That’s exactly what Sophie did when she completed the Introductory to Plastering course, after being attracted to the industry by the variety of work and priceless flexibility it could offer. Upon finishing her initial training, Sophie went on to qualify with the PCA and now works as a Plasterer and Damp Proofer.

“I really wanted to go down a career path with a good variety in the day-to-day tasks. Going into a profession that offered an element of freedom was another big selling point too.” 

Read more about Sophie’s story here.

Similarly, Ricky decided to kickstart his journey towards becoming a qualified gas engineer with Able Skills, saying that long-term job security was a major factor in his decision.

“It was the prospect of a professional career and long-term employment that were huge factors when I was choosing the path I wanted to go down. It’s a job for life that can create great long-term opportunities.

“Installing gas work, boiler repairs and problem-solving appealed to me for the day-to-day work. That, and the fact that it's a recognised industry–being a Gas Safe registered engineer is a necessity, and it has good earning potential.”

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Advancing a career

Hollie is a great example of how completing advanced courses can be a great way to take the next step in your career. Hollie completed her Level 2 Plumbing, Gas and Water Regulations with Able Skills, and now works as a commissioning manager in the construction industry.

You can read more about her story here.

Home renovation & personal projects

Trade training can be equally as valuable for those who aren’t looking to build a career in the construction industry, and instead just want the skills to be able to complete jobs around their own home. This can potentially save you a small fortune throughout the years and means you’re able to complete tasks at your own pace, without waiting around until a professional becomes available. 

Rickie enrolled in the Introduction to Plastering course for this very reason, enabling him to finish his own DIY projects. 

“I had no experience at all and felt very confident after my training. I have loved how with practice, you improve so quickly,

“I am currently re-plastering most of the walls in my house. I have been using the methods and advice given by Joe and Neal, the only difference is that I use a speedskim for flattening and flexi trowel for the final stages.” 

Read more about Rickie’s training here.

Setting up a business

Experienced tradespeople are often in a strong position to launch their own business, which is exactly what Sarah did after completing her six-week handyperson course.

Sarah was also attracted to a career in construction largely due to the variety of the day-to-day tasks and definitely hasn’t been disappointed in that regard since she started working within the industry.

“My typical day varies hugely, I’m often painting, decorating, fixing things or meeting new customers!

“I love how different each day is, being active in my work and I really enjoy meeting customers. It’s a great feeling when I see how happy my customers are at the end of each job.”

Find out more about Sarah’s journey here

Curious about learning a new trade skill? The friendly team at Able Skills would be happy to help you find the right course. Drop by the training centre anytime we’re open for a chat, or if you can’t make it in, call us on 01322 280 202.