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Skills training could have saved US troops in Iraq!

As if being an US soldier fighting in Iraq was not being in a dangerous position enough, the New York Times recently reported that sub standard electrical work carried out by private contractors had killed over a dozen troops by electrocution. During a six month period, over 280 fires at military installations had caused many fatalities or serious injuries as a result of electrical fires.

Documented reports between the Pentagon and the electrical contractor reveal officials were aware of a problem but did little to address it before the family of a Green Beret electrocuted in a shower, were determined to find out the cause. It appears that the contractor was so overwhelmed by the huge scale of the work, that they turned over electrical jobs on buildings used by the US military to subcontractors who, in turn, hired unskilled workers for a few dollars a day.

The report is yet another sober reminder of the deadly perils involved when carrying out any electrical work without qualified training and knowledge. This even applies to the smallest repair around the home. The rule is, always call a qualified electrician or, get some training yourself!. There are always courses available to teach and certificate you to carry the the most basic of electrical repairs.