Throughout the year at Able Skills we are busy with lots of students taking courses in various trades for lots of different reasons. Whether they are looking to get a basic skill set or start a new career, the courses are available. There are plenty of different student stories at Able Skills...

Many of our students will train at Able Skills because they are looking for a change of career. However, we often find that quite a few students are getting some skills and even qualifications for personal projects. This exactly what Derren had in mind when he booked his City & Guilds Bricklaying course.

Derren has a personal project of his own and it is to build his own home. He decided he needed to get a bricklaying qualification, although he has previous experience of some bricklaying work. After just one week of his course he realised how his previous bricklaying work wasn’t great.

This isn’t a career change for Derren, however, getting the qualification allows him to get all skills he needs for his house build. Derren currently works as a Transport Coordinator and has used the flexibility of our courses at Able Skills to structure his course around his working hours.

He has really enjoyed the course and travelling down from Yorkshire has meant he has stayed in our accommodation. He was delighted to say he was surprised how great the accommodation is for just £20 a night and he couldn’t have asked for anything more.

Bricklaying student, Derren is getting some new skills to build a house!

Bricklaying student, Derren is getting some new skills to build a house!

Derren has had the delight of being taught by both of our fantastic tutors, Steve and Simon. They are both very passionate and pass on their years of experience ad knowledge to every student that walks through our doors.

He is now considering doing the Level 2 Electrical course in the future with us at Able Skills after seeing the layout of the training courses we offer. Derren now feels confident to complete bricklaying tasks and is starting to feel comfortable to build his own home. He has been very pleased to get out of the course the exact skills he wanted and much more.

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