What is included in the advanced & regular Domestic Electrical Part-P Package?


Here at Able Skills, we understand that in the sector of electrical training there are many diffrent aspects that need to be covered. Sometimes this can become tedious so we offer packages which include multiple courses all at one price point!

If you do not have a comprehensive electrical background and you are looking to undertake Electrical work within Domestic premises and gain comprehensive Inspection and Testing knowledge, this package is perfect.


This is a quick guide to the Part-P Packages and a look at what they include!


  • Introduction to Domestic Electrical Installation = 10 Days
  • 18th Edition Wiring Regulations = 3 Days 
  • PAT Testing (Portable Appliance) = 2 Days 
  • Level 2 Fundamental Inspection and Testing = 5 Days

20 Days in Total

The Advanced Package also includes:

  • Level 3 Award in the Initial Verification and Certification of Electrical Installations = 5 Days

25 Days in Total


Introduction to Domestic Electrical Installation:

This introductory domestic electrical course covers the whole electrical installation process including testing and commissioning your circuit installation to ensure it is safe.

This course is the first in this package because it will is where our instructors will give you the basic knowledge you need, they will introduce you to domestic electrical work in both theory and practical experience. The best way to learn is to get involved at try... At Able Skills, we have individual work stations and the latest equipment so that our students learn the correct way.

18th Edition:

Wiring regulations are necessary and this 3-day to gain familiarity with the layout, content and application of the 18th Edition Regulations. From January, anyone applying for an Installation or Maintenance Electrician gold card for the first time will be required to sign up to Registered Electrician status and be qualified to the 18th Edition.

Keep in mind that it’s not just electricians who need an understanding of 18th Edition. Installers involved with any aspect of electrical installations should also have a comprehensive knowledge – this includes gas engineers and kitchen fitters.

PAT Testing:

PAT Testing is aimed at those undertaking practical inspection and testing of electrical equipment. This is a necessary a competent worker should inspect the installation regularly in any public building or a place that people work. This course will take 2-days and if you pay attention you should gain valuable knowledge on this subject!

Level 2 Inspection &Testing:

Inspection and testing qualification not only helps you to fully understand testing, but it also provides you with a qualification and certificate to show you are competent to undertake the work. This is a necessary element of electrical work and that is why with the Advanced Domestic Electrical Part P Package you also get the course below!

Level 3 Inspection &Testing:

This City & Guilds qualification is aimed at practising electricians who have not carried out inspection and testing since qualifying or who require some update of training. This qualification helps you to develop the knowledge and practical skills required to professionally install and carry out initial verification and periodic inspection and testing on electrical installations.


What happens at the end of the package?

At the end of the 20/25 days, you will need to be assessed to see if you have retained the information learnt over your time here at Able Skills, There is no set time limit, so don't panic! But we estimate around 1.5 hours is sufficient time and this can be completed at Able Skills or at home.

NICEIC / ELECSA Online Knowledge Assessment: The test itself is an online multiple-choice assessment. It will test your knowledge predominantly on inspection and testing, 18th edition, Part P regulations and installation.

More Information:

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