What Diffrent Types of Jobs Are There for Electricians?


At Able Skills, we take pride in providing top-quality training and guidance in lots of diffrent trades. One of our most popular trades is electrics, we cannot help you once you've left our centre, unfortunately, you are all on your own, but here is an idea of the diffrent job opportunities available to you once leaving us as a qualified electrician.


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Domestic Electrical Installers


Perhaps the most common type of electrician, domestic electrical installers work on domestic properties. So that’s small and larger jobs around the home, ranging from simple socket fixes to installation of wiring throughout a property. Now, this job is great as it allows you the opportunity to become self-employed, a lot of electricians still to this type of work and make it their speciality, there can be a lot of money to be made, especially whilst working for yourself, be your own boss as a domestic installer.

Maintenance Electrician


Maintenance electricians ensure that modern electrical systems and the equipment that they serve are always running effectively, safely and efficiently. This can involve anything from maintaining the power grid to fixing problems with machinery within factories. This is a very versatile job and you could be working in any number of environments, if you like the idea of doing something new all the time compared to working within the confines of peoples homes every day then maybe this could be a great option for you. Once you have completed your AM2, and you successfully pass your exams here at Able Skills!

Instrumentation Electrician


This job involves commissioning, testing, fault finding and the repairing of building environmental control systems, such as large air conditioning units, heating and refrigeration. Instrumentation is simply a collective term for measuring instruments that are used for indicating, measuring and recording physical quantities such as flow, temperature, level, distance, angle, or pressure.

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With the correct training and knowledge, there’s a huge range of different career routes available for you to take. From working in homes as a domestic electrical installer to working on HV systems, the range of jobs available to electricians is endless. Plus the average salary for electricians across the UK is £47,265; far exceeding the university graduate’s average income of £32,000!


Electrical Training:


Getting the correct training is vital as becoming an electrician can be difficult so getting great guidance is vital, here at Able Skills our instructors have a lifetimes of experience both teaching and working in these diffrent kinds of jobs for years, they know the trade inside out and there is no better place to gain the practical ability and deep knowledge needed to be successful in this industry.

\We run many diffrent Electrician courses from 18th Edition to Level 3 NVQ! We offer a huge range of electrical courses and packages that will keep you up to date, qualified and professional. It doesn't matter what your current skill level is, even with no experience whatsoever, with our help you can begin on the pathway to a career in the field, we even run an Introduction to Basic Domestic ElectricsThis 10-day course is City & Guilds recognised, meaning that you will receive a certificate upon completion.

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If you are looking for some more details and advice on how to go about getting involved with the Electrician courses that we offer or any other training, prices, booking and so on. Call 08081003245 our representatives are waiting for your call and are happy to help! Furthermore, if you would like to take a look around and converse in person then you are more than welcome to come by our office in Dartford and we will advise you on the best options for you...We are located at a very short distance from the local train station. Accommodation is available whilst studying here at Able Skills, for around £20 /per night to enquire about that please contact us as spaces are limited!

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