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Statistics have just come to light that shows that Electricians are earning more than ever! Some electricians are reportedly earning £70,000 a year! The average sparky in England and Wales made a record £1,165 per week in October or £60,500 per year...These are incredible earning and this comes because of a few different factors. These are the highest earnings seen in this trade since 2008! One of the major factors is that at this current moment thousands of new houses are being built and the properties need contractors to fit them with electrics. Another aspect of this surge in earnings is the skills gap which is still lingering over the industry. Not enough people are picking up the trade, particularly the younger demographic does not seem to see trades like electrics as a career choice. Clearly, with these new stats, some people should reconsider their position on this thought.


Looking for electrical training?


Able Skills is the number one provider of electrical courses in Kent! We are dedicated to providing top-quality electrical training to all of our students. We host a large range of electrical courses, so whether you are looking to become a domestic installer or a fully-qualified electrician, we have got you covered. Becoming a domestic installer has never been easier, with the help of our Domestic Electrical Part-P Package - This course will give you all of the learning tools to become a competent installer that can carry out work to a high level in a domestic setting! This particular course is 20-days in total and is completed by a set of exams both online and written. If you are looking to gain an ECS Card then our Gold Card Approved Electrician Course is perfect. This course is the most all-inclusive package that we offer and includes almost every course that we offer from an electrical point of view. This 16-week package can even be completed on a part-time basis, meaning on the weekends (2 weekends a month) so there is no excuse not to get involved!


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Electrical courses here at Able Skills.


Our training centre is the number one choice for multiple reasons, our instructors for one, are all extremely knowledgeable, professional and engaging with their teaching and know the trade inside and out from years of experience both teaching here and working out in the industry for many years. All of the equipment is provided for you when studying here - you will not need to bring any tool or materials or really anything apart from your concentration and a pair of steel-capped boots. We have great facilities for practical learning and even have separated workstations so that students can learn individually or in a pair, we think it is important to give students the opportunity to be very hands-on with the process as we believe that the best way to learn is to get stuck in!

We also run short courses for things that aspiring electricians need to pick up such as the latest wiring regulations. Our 18th Edition Courses are an intensive 3-day classroom-based process that will help you to become familiar with the layout, information and application of the 18th edition regulations. Every week we have students completing this course successfully. The 18th edition is not a legal requirement for an electrician but is seen as mandatory by many in the industry and is a no-brainer to complete. We also have a dedicated AM2 centre, also known as Achievement Measurement 2 this is a competency test, that when completed proves your ability against industry standards and is a seal of approval for electrics.


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If you would like some more information regarding any of the electrical courses that we offer here at Able Skills, then do not hesitate to get in contact with us by calling 0808 100 3245. Alternatively, you can come into our office - we have an open policy meaning that we allow potential candidates to come into our office announced to discuss our range of courses, gain some information about our range of electrical courses, ask questions and even take a look around our training facility. You can also apply online! Simply select the course you are interested in and click either "Reserve your Space" or "Book Now'.


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