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Here at Able Skills, we teach all types of people with all types of skill levels. If you are an absolute beginner with no experience and little to no knowledge on the subject, then do not worry we have specific courses in place to give students a taste of the trade. Our Introduction to Basic Domestic Electrics Course is the all in one package when looking to gain an introduction into the world of electrics. - This course is ideally suited for those of you who want to achieve a basic understanding of domestic electrics and to understand what you can and cannot do within a domestic dwelling.


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As you can see we provide all the materials you could possibly need, you don't need to buy or bring anything with you when taking one of our electrical courses.


The course is 10-days in total and consists of a real mix between workshop and theory, with the main focus on practical learning. The best way to learn it to get involved. Kinesthetic learning is a learning style in which learning takes place by the students carrying out physical activities, rather than listening to a lecture or watching demonstrations - we believe that this is key to understanding a trade such as domestic installation.


You will obviously also learn the basic theory including: 

  • The definition of electric shock
  • Ohms Law & Power Triangles
  • Identification of earthing systems
  • An introduction to legislation surrounding electrical installation in dwellings
  • Understanding breaker and cable selection
  • Installation of earthing and bonding, Ring circuits, Radial circuits, Cooker circuits, various lighting circuits.
  • Completion of installation certificate
  • Understanding basic inspection and testing:
    • Continuity of protective conductors
    • Continuity of protective conductors radial circuits
    • Continuity of protective conductors ring final circuits
    • Insulation resistance
    • Polarity


We will provide you with an induction folder which is packed with all the information you will require to safely undertake electrical work and will come in handy if you decide to move forward either in a career as a Domestic Installer or if you choose to do other courses with us at a later date, to a career as an Electrician. Our instructors are extremely knowledgeable on the subject, so take note of their advice, listen to what they have to say as they have all worked out in the industry for years doing what you are aspiring to do! We would also like to remind you that you are surrounded by apprising electrics; network and communicate, it could be very beneficial for you in the long-term if you end up pursuing the trade further!


Moving forward:


If upon completion of this course you are seriously considering the trade as a career then you need to make a decision between domestic work and becoming fully qualified which will allow you to work in other environments outside a domestic dwelling such as industrial or commercial work. If its the tradition electrician route for you then you may want to consider our Domestic Electrical Part-P Package. If you are looking to gain ECS Gold status and become fully qualified then take a look at our Gold Card Approved Electrician Package! 


Need some more information?


If you are considering giving electrical courses a go then, firstly take a look through our website at the many electrical courses that we have on offer. Then if you need some more details or you are ready to enrol you can progress online or give us a call on 08081003245. Alternatively, you can come straight down to our office, we have an open policy which means that we are happy to welcome candidates into our facility for a chat, answer questions about electrical courses and discuss your options in terms of electrical courses or any other training you are interested in, we will also show you around so you can get a feel for the environment that you will be learning in!

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electrical courses

Able Skills is a City & Guilds accredited training centre!