We are now approaching September. The start of the academic year for many university students around the country. If you are not heading off to university this year you may be looking for employment right now or still unsure what path to take. If you have not already considered a trade skill like electrics, you are making a huge mistake! Right now there is more demand and opportunity surrounding electricians than ever before!


Trade skills are often over looked by the younger generation. This is a huge mistake, the opportunities available to new skilled professionals are massive. Have you ever wanted to be your own boss? As an electrician it is common to work on a self-employed basis. Do you want a fantastic starting salary? The average electrician earns £33,500 a year! That is the highest of any trade skill. The average graduate salary? Graduates can expect to earn way less, around 21,000 - £25,000 on average!

There are also ways to increase your earnings through training, like becoming approved with a JIB Card, or taking in an Inspection and Testing course, becoming management or moving into office work after completing our Level 4 Award in the Design and Verification of Electrical Installations (2396), which means if you work hard you can earn a lot more than the average. 

What opportunities are out there?

The industry needs you! There currently is a shortage of skilled electricians across the country. This has resulted in huge pay increases for those with the right knowledge and qualifications. This gap also means that there is plenty of work out there, in fact there are more vacancies in the construction sector than there has been in the last 20-years!

Although the pandemic has provided the trade with many challenges, one positive to come out of the coronavirus crisis could be the opportunity it provides to attract new people into the industry. With many people unable to find employment in many sectors the electricians of the country are out there earning money and progressing their careers on a daily basis.

Becoming an electrician means a career for life. Having a trade skill means that you can always fall back on it, whether you decide to peruse other things or continue to work as electrician, you will always have that knowledge and earning ability in your back pocket. There is a huge amount of job security in the trade!

Don’t ignore the trades!

Becoming an electrician opens up so many doors. There are so many different roles and routes to take. You have the choice to be a domestic electrician, working with peoples homes or work on-sites or a commercial electrician. There are also clear steps in the trade, the more experience, the more you can earn...

After starting as an electrician, hard-working and committed Electricians can become promoted to Electrical Engineer. Or a Contract Manager and even Electrical Design Engineer within their company and field.

With the industry needing around 15,000 fully qualified electricians over the next 5-years. There has never been a better time to take advantage of the demand and learn a skill that can start a career for life. Forget office work, become your own boss and take control of your life!

Ready to start training?

At Able Skills we focus on helping our students become fully-qualified electricians. We've been teaching Electrician courses for many years. We understand what our students need in terms of both hands-on practical training, in depth theory knowledge, guidance and confidence through training. We make the progress from novice to professional as simple and straightforward as possible...


We do this through including every step of the process into our Gold Card Approved Electrician Package!

This collection of courses includes:

7-weeks of training on our City & Guilds Level 2, another 7-weeks on our City & Guilds Level 3, our 3-day 18th Edition Course, 2-days covering our PAT Testing Course from there it will be 6-days on our combined Level 3 Award in Inspection and Testing. - The NVQ and AM2 will be arranged will you after the initial training.

electrician courses

The goal of this Gold Card Approved Electrician Package is to achieve a JIB Gold Card.  There are a variety of cards that are available to ECS-qualified technicians, with the Gold Card being granted to only those who have proved themselves a fully-qualified electricians.

If you are looking to work outside of a domestic setting. Such as on a construction site, working within commercial buildings, industrial projects you will need some level of ECS card. The Gold Card, in particular, is a form of ID . Within the industry it proves the holder is a qualified installation technician.

For more information:

For more information on our range of Electrical courses, just give us a call on 01322 280 202. We are happy to help you in any way that we can. Maybe you have some questions about a particular course or you are looking to book a course, don't hesitate to contact us.

You are also completely welcome to visit us in person, our office is always open to aspiring traders. We are open 7-days a week between the hours of 8:30 - 16:30! 

Where is our training centre?

Electrical training courses

Our centre is City & Guilds Approved. Meaning we provide industry-recognised qualifications.