The process to become an Electrician!


Here at Able Skills we each a lot of different courses & trades - One trade that is always in demand here is our electrician courses. This is obvious as electrical work has always been one of the most popular trades all round. We aim to provide our students with intensive training packages that look to give you confidence in both the practical and theory side of electrical work...


When looking to become an electrician the process can seem daunting, that's why we at Kent's number 1 provider of electrical training have put the major electrical courses into two packages of training that are geared towards the two main paths electricians take in the industry...These are Domestic Installer & Fully-Qualified. Today we will be looking at how to get started working towards both o these roles!  The major difference in that a domestic installer works predominately within a domestic setting where as full qualified electrician can work on a range of different sits such as; construction sites, commercial buildings, retail and so on.


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Electrical students getting hand-on training here at Able Skills.


Domestic Installer?


We aim to provide our students with a full and comprehensive understanding of how to carry out domestic-based electrical work efficiently, safely and in accordance with the industry standard. This Domestic Electrical Part-P Package is the ideal starting point on the journey to becoming a competent person. The course is delivered using a blended learning approach, mixing theory and practical, keeping you engaged at all times - We overall aim to give you real confidence in the practical skill itself and a great knowledge of the topic. This Domestic Electrical Part-P Package will cover the following areas during this first section 'Introduction to Domestic Electrical Installation and Understanding Electrical Installation and Applicable Building Regulations':


  • The definition of electric shock
  • Ohms Law & Power Triangles
  • Identification of earthing systems
  • An introduction to legislation governing electrical installation in dwellings
  • Understanding circuit breaker and cable selection
  • Installation of earthing and bonding, Ring circuits, Radial Circuits and various lighting circuits.
  • Understanding basic inspection and testing:
  • Safe isolation
  • Adding additional outlets to a circuit
  • Completion of a minor works certificate
  • Completion of installation certificates


After completing the above over a 10-day period, we will move on to the 18th Edition course which is a requirement for everybody working in the world of electrics -  The aim of this extended 5 day electrical training course is to gain familiarity with the layout, content and application of the BS 7671 (2018) Requirements for Electrical Installations. Moving on from there the final section of this package is Level 2 Fundamental Inspection and Testing over a 5-day period. Inspection & Testing is a fundamental aspect of being an electrician and is a qualification that all electricians should be looking to achieve, which is why we included it in this Domestic Electrical Part-P Package.




If you are looking to become a fully-qualified electrician then look no further than our Gold Card Approved Electrician package as it includes all of the electrical courses needed to achieve 'Gold Status' the bonus of enrolling onto this package instead of taking the courses included individually is that you will make a huge saving overall and in addition you will not miss anything out as from our experience we know what courses are essential when becoming a professional. Here are all of the courses included in this package: 


City & Guilds Level 2:


This is the ideal start for not only those who seek JIB Gold Card Status but for those who are looking to start working on-site and maybe want to book further Electrician Training further down the line...For anyone reading this who already holds some electrical experience but needs some form of qualification, rest assured this is something you can do too! The level 2 can be achieved over a period of 7-weeks!


City & Guilds Level 3:


Yes...The Gold Card Approved Electrician course also includes Level 3. This is a natural step to take after completing Level 2 and will give you further knowledge on a more detailed and advanced variety of subject, again over a period of 7-weeks. Further insight into topics like; inspection & testing procedures, fault diagnosis and rectification and installation design are invaluable for somebody seeking employment as an electrician the more you know the more jobs available to you! The course will be a hands-on mix of both practical workshop tasks as well as classroom-based theory.


PAT Testing:


The next course included in this package is PAT Testing or Portable Appliance testing. Portable Appliance Testing courses are predominantly theory based as there are on-line exams to complete however there is also a practical assessment associated with the C&G 2377-22 award so practical training with the aid of PAT testing equipment will be undertaken. This is an essential skill when looking to complete any type of electrical maintenance!


This will include the two sperate qualifications: 


  • C&G 2377-22: In-Service Inspection and Testing of Electrical Equipment (PAT)
  • 2377-32: Management Requirements for the Maintenance of Electrical Equipment


18th Edition course:


If you are an aspiring electrician then you may well have heard about the 18th edition.  The 18th edition is the latest document outlining the standards for electrical wiring. UK’s standard for electrical wiring installation was released in 2018 and is now fully in force. It is a requirement that everybody working in the world of electrics is familiar with the layout, content and application of this 'book'. This is not a legal requirement, but as this standard is recognised as the most thorough and is published by the UK’s highest governing body in terms of electrical installation, The Institution of Engineering and Technology, it is seen as a mandatory resource. Our 3-day course will prepare you for the exam in a very structured and planned out manner.


Inspection & Testing:


Next, Inspection and Testing! Which teaches students everything they need to know regarding initial verification and periodic inspection and testing. The instructor will go through everything that you will be expected to know about Inspection and Testing on both new and existing installations. The tuition for this course is entirely theory-based and will be completed via an online exam and a written exam. - In addition, candidates will; also need to successfully complete a 2.5 hour practical assignment; comprising of a full Initial verification and a Periodic inspection (combined within the same assessment) of a three-phase electrical installation, including completion of all appropriate documentation.


AM2 Assessment:


Last, but not least is the AM2 or Achievement Measurement 2. Here at Able Skills, we have a designated AM2 centre so that this final section can be completed correctly isolated from the busy training centre. This is not a course but a test of competence. This is an industry-wide recognised test and is a sign of high-level understanding - should you complete your AM2 it will place you above many others that are not currently an experienced Electrician.


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