Which electrician courses are right for me?


We teach a large range of different electrician courses, so it may be confusing for somebody who is new to the trade to know which course is right for your personal career goals and desired role in the industry. We teach different electrical courses for different skill levels and amounts of experience but when it comes to starting out there are a couple of main choices you need to make. Firstly, do you want to work the traditional role of an electrician within peoples homes? Or are you looking to work outside of a domestic property and work for example on-site or in a commercial setting? Let's take a look at the right electrician courses for either career path...


Electrician courses

Electrical students gaining practical skills in our workstations. - Able Skills

Domestic setting:


If you are aiming to become capable in a domestic setting as a domestic installer then you should be looking at our Part-P courses. Our Domestic Electrical Part-P Package is a perfect starting point for anyone aspiring to work this role and can be completed over 4-weeks / 20-days. This is a collection of electrician courses that includes all of the training, qualifications, skills and knowledge needed to enable you to register on to a domestic installer scheme in order to be able to self-certify your work and begin working in the industry. There are 3-elements, these are; Introduction to Basic Domestic Electrics, 18th Edtion and a Level 2 Award in Inspection and Testing. These 3-courses are crucial, they will give you the fundamentals in terms of theory and practical ability, understanding of the wiring regulations and legal requirements of electrical installations and how to test installations to determine if they are operating safely and correctly. There is no better place to start than this course, taught by our expert instructors this course is your path to success as an aspiring domestic installer.



If you are looking further than the domestic setting and you aim to work in a variety of different environments such as; out on construction sites, commercial buildings, industrial settings and so on then there is only one complete option...Our most complete collection of courses that we offer, our Gold Card Approved Electrician Package is our biggest, most all-inclusive package and includes almost everything that we offer from the perspective of electrics. You will take on many different courses and learn so much over this 16-week period. The package includes; City & Guilds Level 2City & Guilds Level 3PAT Testing, 18th Edition, Inspection & Testing and an AM2 assessment! The course is taught by our fantastic instructors who will be there to teach, guide and keep you motivated the entire journey, We will also provide you with a quality tool-kit which is yours to keep when you have completed your training with us.


electrical coursss

Example of the JIB or Joint Industry Board's 'Gold Card'.


Completion of this Gold Card Approved Electrician Package will land you a JIB ECS Gold Card pictures above, the card is an ID that proves the holder is a qualified installation technician. This will be necessary on many sites around the country, there are many different cards and forms of ID, however, this one, in particular, proves that you are fully qualified as an electrician! Obviously we do not provide you with this card, we will give you all the training and preparation needed before applying. You will need to see the ECS website, see here for more information! 


Need more information?


Looking for more information? If you would like to learn more about any of our City & Guilds Electrician Courses / Electrical Courses and any other training you can give us a call on 0808 100 3245. Obviously, at this moment in time and with our suspension of training following March 23rd due to the current world-wide pandemic we hope to see you enrol onto our Electrician courses and other training once we are back in action, we will put out more information as the weeks go by, thanks for your cooperation.


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