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New Network Launches to Help Female Electricians!

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Female Electricians gaining further recognition!


Ableskills were the first to see the rise of females not only on our Electrician Courses, but across the whole board within construction. From Electrician Training, to Plumbing and Gas, we've witnessed the numbers increase and we're overwhelmed that it's us that are feeding the ambition of such females.

It was just recently that we reported of how the Women Installers Together Conference hit a record second year meaning the rise of women in construction is now gaining the recognition it deserves.

Following on from such achievement, is the launch of the new online network 'Open Circuit' designed to help female electrician and other women in the industry to connect and share opinions and advice, as well as host a forum for industry discussions and ideas.

Who launched the group?


open circuitAll credit goes to 'Women on the tools' - a charity who launched the network alongside industry giants the 'Joint Industry Board' (JIB), 'Certsure' and the 'ECA'. Any females currently training or working towards becoming an Electrician is welcomed to join the network which can be found on Facebook.

Interestingly enough, a current group over in New York that supports female electricians state side proved to be the inspiration for Open Circuit to launch here in the UK. 'Amber Light' as they're known as, recognise the increasing number of female Electricians in America as in new York alone, 10% of the workforce within electrics is female. When compared to the UK, British female Electricians only equate to 2%. What sounds small in comparison to the states, still turns heads over our side of the pond, as the future for females in Electrics seems brighter than ever.

Here's what the Women on the Tools’ Business Development Manager, Andrea Kelmanson had to say:

“We believe that the ‘Open Circuit’ network has the capacity to reduce the isolation experienced by many individual tradeswomen, to become a forum for sharing information and ideas, to be a place for making and developing work contacts, as well as becoming a way of enabling the experience of women electricians to be accessed and heard.”

The group 'Open Circuit' can be visited by heading over to

We've seen a big difference here at Ableskills!


electrician trainingAs mentioned earlier, Ableskills have seen a dramatic increase of females across all of our courses. In particular, we even carried out a case study on student Lorianna (pictured above) who is training to join many other female electricians in the UK. When speaking to Lorianna we could really feel her passion for working towards such career that saw her undertake various Electrician Training like Part P Courses and the 18th Edition as all work in the new year will have to be completed in line with the new regulations.

It's a real pleasure to see and although we see many female students on our full time courses, we've also seen many females enroll on our Home Study Courses too!

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