March 2016

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  1. Kitchen Fitting demonstration

    Kitchen Fitting demonstration

    We are currently running a Kitchen Fitting course this week at Able Skills and our students are extremely happy with what they have learnt so far.   Our kitchen fitting course is really popular at Able Skills and spaces on the course do not last long due to high demand. The course is run up […]

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  2. Fantastic Inspection & Testing results!

    Fantastic Inspection & Testing results!

    The most recent Inspection & Testing results have just come in and they are collectively some of the best results we have ever had at Able Skills.    Over two exams, the crop of students worked really hard and achieved some fantastic results. Our electrical courses are extremely popular at Able Skills and our set […]

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  3. Women can shorten the skills gap

    Women can shorten the skills gap

    As it is very well known, the skills gap in the construction industry is a huge problem and it is preventing construction work from being completed. However, female workers within the industry is on the rise and it may cut the skills gap.   For many years construction trades have been extremely male dominated, however […]

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  4. Javier's Football Mosaic

    Javier's Football Mosaic

    We have had some fantastic work going on in our tiling centre over the last few weeks and it hasn’t stopped today, as Javier has put his art skills to the test along with his new tiling skills.   Javier seems to have been at Able Skills for ages, he firstly completed eight weeks of […]

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  5. Get your house summer ready!

    Get your house summer ready!

    It felt like Christmas was only last week, but summer is slowly creeping up on us and many people will want to start decorating their houses for a fresh look.   When summer comes around many people start getting the rollers and paint brushes out to freshen up their homes before the sun comes out. […]

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  6. What is the 17th Edition?

    What is the 17th Edition?

    All Electricians need to have a clear understanding of the IET Wiring Regulations.   Most employers, agencies and registration bodies require electricians to hold a current 17th Edition qualification to satisfy their own entry standards and that of insurers. The IET Wiring Regulations are also known as British Standard 7671 – Requirements for Electrical Installations. […]

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  7. Another satisfied student!

    Another satisfied student!

    Here is yet another fantastic review that was left on our Able Skills Facebook page. A happy tiling student left to go and complete some tiling work on her kitchen. “I recently attended the introduction to tiling 5 day course and feel that it was very thorough and helped to ground me in the basics […]

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  8. The Home Study students have just finished their first week!

    The Home Study students have just finished their first week!

    The Level 2 Electrical Home Study course is a fantastic alternative to the standard Level 2 course for practising Electricians that have other commitments.   The home study is the perfect option for people that are looking to start their new career or want a complete change around, but can’t get the time off work […]

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  9. Tiling training at Able Skills!

    Tiling training at Able Skills!

    We have a well established tiling centre at Able Skills that offers training to beginners and experienced Tilers!   Max has been our tiling instructor for 11 years now and he has been providing students with first class tiling training every single week. Whether it is from short beginners courses or long qualification courses, our […]

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  10. Another New Electrical Centre

    Another New Electrical Centre

    Expansion is upon us once again, there really is no stopping Able Skills…..   The demand for electrical courses over the years has seen the facilities we have here regularly undergo refurbishment to keep them in good working order but this time we are paving the way for a brand new electrical training facility. The […]

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  11. Hand Tools or Power Tools - Which is better?

    Hand Tools or Power Tools - Which is better?

    Carpentry has been around for a long, long time, in fact it is one of the oldest trades around and it is still vitally important to all building work. However, tools have developed along with technology and power tools have become extremely popular, but which are better hand tools or power tools?   There isn’t […]

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  12. A serious need for skilled workers!

    A serious need for skilled workers!

    February marked the worst performance in the UK’s construction industry for 10 months and the worst performance since the rise in housebuilding in the UK in the summer of 2013.   Construction companies and other contractors are growing in concern that the industry is starting to slow up due to the difficulty to find skilled […]

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