November 2015

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  1. Record numbers of women are now in the Construction Industry!

    Record numbers of women are now in the Construction Industry!

    Once a very male dominated industry is quickly becoming multi gendered. Women are now seeing the benefits and opportunities for them to enter the construction industry, also they are being offered equal opportunities to progress and work in the construction industry. Women are now working self-employed within the industry and also on major building sites. […]

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  2. Student Stories - Stephen

    Student Stories - Stephen

    Stephen was once a Banker but after long hours and difficulty travelling into the city he decided it was time for a change. He headed for the plumbing industry by training at Able Skills. Initially, Stephen had just booked onto the Level 2 Plumbing course, however as he progressed through the course he decided that […]

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  3. What happens next?

    What happens next?

    A large majority of our students will come to us for a change of career. Some career changes we see are huge. Some people just prove that it is never too late to make that change in your career and start off fresh with a new found skill. With some hard work and motivation, hundreds […]

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  4. Student Stories - Charlotte

    Student Stories - Charlotte

    Charlotte has recently completed an Intensive Plumbing course with us at Able Skills and she was very surprised how much she was able to learn in just one week. Everything she has learnt whilst on the course has been extremely useful for her. Charlotte currently works in maintenance and she now feels that Able Skills […]

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  5. Maths and Geography VERSUS Plug changing and toilet unblocking…..

    Maths and Geography VERSUS Plug changing and toilet unblocking…..

    Have you ever stopped to consider the skills you could have learnt at school compared to the skills you actually learnt? A recent study commissioned by Able Skills has shown the type of skills we wish we had learnt at school instead of learning Maths, Geography, Drama and French etc. With some very basic life […]

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  6. Study your Electrical Level 2 course at home!

    Study your Electrical Level 2 course at home!

    A career as an Electrician is becoming increasingly worthwhile due to the high demand for Electricians in the UK that are fully trained and qualified. The opportunity is out there for anyone to begin a new career as an Electrician. Working can be made more enjoyable when your work is interesting and active. Many people […]

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  7. 10 Years of Tiling!

    10 Years of Tiling!

    For 10 years now Able Skills have been successfully running Tiling courses and helping students on their way to earning industry recognised qualifications.   Our Tiling centre puts our students in positions where they can tile a room or a kitchen so they are fully prepared for taking on all jobs. Students can sometimes be […]

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  8. Rodney's Carpentry Story

    Rodney's Carpentry Story

    10 weeks is a long period of time and a lot can be accomplished within it. Rodney has spent 10 weeks building his new career at Able Skills. Rodney Mapp has just completed his 10 week carpentry & joinery course at Able Skills, we have been keeping track of his progress each week. This is […]

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  9. Become a Decorator at Able Skills!

    Become a Decorator at Able Skills!

    Painting & Decorating is the next trade to suffer due to the skills shortage in the UK. With plans for a million new homes to be built by 2020 being put into doubt due to this, the UK are calling out for new painters and decorators. If you feel that the time is right to […]

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  10. Inspection & Testing Demonstration!

    Inspection & Testing Demonstration!

    Steve Briggs is an extremely popular electrical instructor at Able Skills and all of his students speak very highly of him. They all praise him for his great teaching style and the great detail he goes into when demonstrating and teaching. One student said ‘Steve is a great tutor, I have learnt more from him […]

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  11. Plumbers are in very high demand!

    Plumbers are in very high demand!

    Plumbers are in demand more now than ever. The industry is in desperate need for qualified and highly skilled Plumbers that are able to carry out a range of different plumbing work across the UK. All companies are looking to employee plumbers that have the skills and qualifications to complete the high amount of work […]

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